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Monday 1 June marks the official return to work for the ICMSA team in offices across Australia. A transition period has been implemented with each office now occupied in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with the goal of working towards all staff being back on deck by the end of June.

Those already back at their desks are reporting that a return to the office has been a joyous experience, comparable to a family reunion. Not to mention the joys of access to the printers and scanners!

Of course, we will be complying with social distancing measurements, increased hand sanitiser stations, promoting more hand washing, staggering start times for public transport users, all daily cleaners back on duty as well as encouragement for staff to have the annual flu vaccination.

This is a cautious but confident move to life returning to a more normalised “social” state. After all, we are in the business of connecting people.

A Steady Pair of Hands

Most poignantly the last face-to-face conference managed this year was for our Client, the Australian Hand Surgery Society, whose theme Hand Surgery and the Digital Revolution took on a whole new meaning with the conference finishing the day of the official ban on gatherings.

Virtually Invaluable

Next month we will be hosting our first fully virtual Conference for 1,400 medical students in Melbourne.

The ICMSA team have been busy facilitating remote pre-recording panel sessions as well as filming in a Port Melbourne Studio for the local speakers whilst complying with social distancing measures.

The MD Student Conference (MDSC) is a core university subject of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program at the Melbourne Medical School. MDSC is entirely student-led, with over 100 students involved in its organisation, planning and execution. The annual Conference is a unique and innovative step in medical education that brings together over 1400 students of all years within the Melbourne Medical School into a setting akin to what they will experience in their future as medical professionals, in order to explore facets of medicine that are not covered by their MD curriculum.

MDSCx will run virtually for four days, in addition to a jam-packed academic program, there is an accompanying virtual wellness program which includes morning yoga and Pilates sessions and evening Netflix watching parties and virtual happy hours.

The Future is Bright

As Australia’s longest established PCO, our core strength lies in our decades of experience in dealing with crises that can affect the business events industry. The ICMSA forward calendar is in an extremely strong position with pipeline work that ensures our stability. Implementing risk management plans is included as part of our planning process and not an addition to our services.

We have 15 conferences confirmed in 2021 that will attract over 13,000 delegates, in 2022 we have seven confirmed conferences hosting over 11,000 delegates and in 2023 we have six confirmed conferences totalling more than 9,000 delegates.

All of our 35 staff remain in pre-COVID19 employment conditions.

Reflections on Leadership

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.” – Winston Churchill

A strong staff tenure is something some of us are lucky enough to enjoy, but loyalty works both ways. With an average tenure of eight years from the ICMSA team, Managing Director, Emma Bowyer not only demonstrated a profound loyalty to her employees but maintained an unwavering positive attitude. Best explained by those who appreciate her the most, her staff.

In what has been a challenging time, Emma has fostered a sense of security and positivity. From day one of working from home, she had a plan in place and developed a structure to keep the team connected and confident in our roles. She regularly keeps the ICMSA team up to date with the changing situation and how these changes affect us. The way that Emma has managed ICMSA during this time makes me all the more grateful to be a part of this amazing team.

Jemma Hampel, Conference Services Coordinator

It has been amazing to have this feeling of safety during these insane times, especially as I am not from Australia and don’t have that additional security of family nearby. Emma’s open communication about the company’s positive financial position has been a constant reassurance not only that my job remains safe, but in knowing that I am working as part of a kind and supportive family.

Siobhan Jensen, Event Manager

During this uncertain and unexpected times, Emma has provided ICMS Australasia staff with a stable and secure job as well as reassurance. Allowing us to work from home, staying engaged with the team and working collectively as a company as a whole, has been appreciated and acknowledged. There has been extra care provided for mental health support and she has frequently kept in communication with us all, individually. Emma should be commended on her ability to keep our jobs safe and assure us that as a company, we will overcome this unfortunate period.

Shanel Narayan, Event Manager

Emma has always been an exceptional leader, but this challenging time has made her skills as a leader evidently clear. She has continued to remain positive for ICMSA as a company, the staff, our clients and herself. It is always a pleasure to work alongside Emma and the past ten weeks have clearly shown the compassion, positivity, strength and leadership of our Managing Director.

Ainslie Bishop, Event Coordinator

Throughout the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, Emma has shown great guidance and steadiness in the way she has steered the staff and clients. In conversations with staff and clients, she has had the ability to alleviate any apprehension or hesitancy through being clear, well informed, calm and positive. She has been able to provide our clients with up to the minute information about the changing environment, restrictions and the Events Industry. She has ensured that during the restriction period and working from home, that we have all been kept in contact and remained motivated and optimistic. Emma has always been available to help and offer her expertise and direction. The steadiness has meant we have been able to continue on with business as usual.

Emma Taylor, Event Manager

To see how our staff and valued clients managed working from home, please visit

When Experience Matters.

ICMS Australasia manages projects from concept through to final audit, providing expertise in attracting delegates, sponsors and exhibitors; budget and cash flow control, business and scientific program development; information, presentation, communication and staging technology, creation and delivery of social and recreational activities, tours, travel and accommodation. From idea generation to post event evaluation we provide expertise, creativity and a healthy respect for the financial bottom line.

If you are interested in bidding for an event or need help with an event already confirmed, pick up the phone or send us an email.

Our experience will matter.

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