Financial Management


ICMSA has an excellent reputation for financial management. We focus on the financial objectives of the Conference and use well-established procedures to achieve them. These include delegate boosting through well-executed marketing plans, seeking competitive quotes and using a flexible and detailed budget to keep a close eye on the bottom line. The Conference Organising Committee has access not only to the appointed ICMSA Event Director of your meeting, who will manage the budget, but a team of staff who will assist in delivering a goal-driven financial strategy.

ICMSA manages and takes responsibility for the proper and timely financial management of your Conference. This includes providing a monthly statement and reporting to the Organising Committee at each meeting. As part of our financial management service we:

Prepare a detailed Conference expense budget specifying fixed/variable expenses for three budget scenarios, with ongoing updates.

Monitor expenditure against the budget, ensuring costs are kept within the budget and provide regular reports.

Offer assistance in determining registration inclusions, policies for refunds, cancellations and complimentary registrations.

Establish merchant facilities for the processing of delegate payments by credit card.

Check and provide invoices to the Organising Committee for payment approval, assigning account codes and maintaining records of all transactions.

Present regular profit and loss accounts with reports on revenue streams, including registration fees and sponsorship income.